Backyard to Backcountry Podcast Episode 4: Waterway Jay

In which we discuss ducks, gator v. bear, glacial rebound, tree walls, and musher’s secret. More importantly, we talk to our second podcast guest “Waterway” Jay Gustafson about his amazing project and water quality in Minnesota. Find out more about Jay, his project, and how you can support him:

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Special thanks to Katya Underwood for audio editing assistance with this episode!

Music Credits:

Intro: Backyard to Backcountry Take 2 by DJ Hazy Harold

Break: Backyard to Backcountry by DJ Hazy Harold

Outro: Ecstasy by Purple Planet Music

Author: Backyard to Backcountry

Welcome to the Backcountry to Backyard Podcast blog! If you like the podcast, check out the blog for things we can't quite fit into the show. Each week we'll post about outdoor news and tell stories from the trail. We'll give you updates on our adventures and discuss everything from cool new gear to training to anything and everything having to do with the outdoor world! We'll post pictures from our trips and adventures, as well as from other people who are doing cool and exciting things in both your backyard and the backcountry!

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